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Video Production Services

Brand Success Videos

The Town of Yorktown, Veridus Group, and Rebar DevelopmentĀ  had worked tirelessly for years to develop a dream that would add revitalization to a small midwest town in Indiana. This video was commissioned to celebrate each of the 3 organizations and their specific goals.

Fundraising Videos

Lucille Raines Residence (Indianapolis, IN) wanted 4 unique videos that told the stories of their client success stories and the critical fundraising needs they were addressing as part of a complete capital campaign package.

This is the overview video.

Informational Videos

This video was created for Epworth Forest Conference Center to tell the story of their history and impact over a 100 years of ministry and service.

Educational Videos

Carroll High School participates in the Every Fifteen Minutes Program and staged a MOCK drinking and driving car accident using students and families as actors. The MOCK scene, consequences, obituary readings, and trial are all part of an extended experiential convocation that helps students better understand the impact impaired driving can have.

This video project required a realtime continuous production process of just 24 hours from first shot to delivery.

Candid About Videos

Walk and talk videos like this help to create a authentic encounter for viewers to engage with the staff, mission, and service of an organization.

Corporate Videos needed a video to share that helped relay the product and service they provide. They wanted to incorporate personal reference videos as a key component of the video.

Celebration Videos

At the conclusion of their annual event, this video was created for Four For The Fourth (Yorktown, IN) to help them celebrate outcomes while launching registration on the coming year.

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